Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kingfisher surprise..........

After an early start and day out with Wayne and Peter yesterday a bit of a lay-in was in order this morning and after the heavy morning rain had cleared I decided to head down to Parc Slip NR to try and get some some more photos of the Bittern.
I arrived at the scrape hide at 2.00pm to be greeted by old friend Colin Lloyd who departed at about 2.30pm tempted by his Sunday lunch and for the remainder of the afternoon I had the hide to myself.
There was no sign of the Bittern but ten minutes later a male Kingfisher flew in,the first that I have seen from the scrape hide.
He stayed for the entire time that I was there until I left at 4.50pm and caught several fish during that time but always went in to the bottom of the willow scrub to enjoy his meal,here are some of the pics that he obligingly posed for............


Ashley Beolens said...

Wow stunning Kingfisher pics, how close was he and what length lens were you using if you don't mind me asking? I keep trying on my patch and they are always just that little too far for stunning close ups with a 400mm lens and 1.4 convertor(I get some nice compositions but not feather detail like yours).

Jeff said...

Hello Ashley and thanks for your kind comments.I use a Canon 500mm f4 IS with 1.4x converter coupled with an EOS 7D.
The kingfisher was the first one that I've seen from the particular hide I was using and perched up about 20' at closest,I was pleased with the photos but as it was a very gloomy grey afternoon the ISO was pushed a little higher than I would have liked,on a really bright day I would have absolutely "nailed" it.
I've had a look through your blog which is great,some cracking photographs and have added it to my "favourites".
Thanks once again.