Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Forest Farm today.........

I had a morning out today in company with Andrew Symons a fellow "togger" from Blackwood who I met just over a year ago whilst photographing the Waxwings in the Roath area of Cardiff.
Andrew got in touch with me through Facebook and asked me if I fancied having a go for the Short-eared Owls which are back for the winter at Rumney Great Wharf.
We met up at Sluice Farm at 08.30 and came across 7 SEOs at roost as we walked across the grassy area of the wharf but all flew out onto the saltmarsh which despite a high tide was not submerged and offered a safe refuge.
Needless to say photographic opportunities were severely limited.
We decided to call back at Forest Farm for the resident Kingfishers and although the light was variable to say the least we both managed some nice shots of a female bird.
Andrew had to leave at 1.00pm and I stayed on for another hour or so and during that time another bird turned up which was also a female and after a little spat they both flew off and I called it a day.
It was also nice to bump into "The Twitchmeister" earlier who came into the hide as he was doing his WEBs count for the area,what a fine young man he's turning out to be,he's doing you proud Dan.


tiger said...

Hi Jeff, nice shots of the kingfisher, I called in there last week for an hour, no other photters, absolutely dead, the other hide just had 2 distant Snipe, at least I know now that the Kgfrs are still around ! Happy Christmas to you all & good birding in the New Year, Cliff

Jeff said...

Cheers Cliff,Merry Xmas to yourself and Margaret.