Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bittern : Parc Slip NR

I promised Teresa that I would take her Xmas shopping to Cardiff this afternoon (am I mad !!) so left her have a lay-in this morning whilst I popped 10 mins down the road to Parc Slip NR to try to catch up with the Bittern which was first seen from the Scrape Hide a couple of weeks ago.
I got to the hide at 08.55 and the light was dire but by 09.05 the Bittern appeared from the west side low in the willow scrub,it hung around for about 10 mins never really coming out into the open but I managed a few shots.
The bird then disappeared into the reeds until about 11.00 when it showed again towards the back of the pool.
Unfortunately as the hide is south facing (and couldn't be more poorly positioned if someone had tried !!) by this this time every shot was into the sun and it was a real struggled to capture anything meaningful.

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