Sunday, February 19, 2012

Common Yellowthroat,Rhiwderin,Gwent

After waiting for early news that the bird was still present (lazy I know!) I picked up fellow "togger" Richard "Smudger" Smith at Junc 34 on the M4 and then Dan and his RSPB colleage and friend Lewis at Dan's house and we were soon arriving at the community centre car park at Rhiwderin where we just managed to get the last parking space.
After obtaining some directions from visiting birders and throwing our contribution into the "charity" bucket we were soon trudging up the fields to join the massed ranks of twitchers (approx 150 when we arrived at 09.45) and quickly got a brief flight view of the bird as it dived into a holly bush and then flew into the adjacent field.
For the next few hours we all pursued (in the nicest use of the word !) the bird up the field as it worked the hedgerow from one end of the field to the other.
It only gave the briefest of views each time it emerged from the undergrowth before again disappearing from view.
This is the most difficult and frustrating bird that I have tried to photograph and after a few hours myself and Richard had only a few record shots to show for our efforts,a shame really as the light was really excellent just for a change.
We'll probably make a few more visits when the novelty of the "twitch" has worn off and the numbers of visitors dwindles,that is if the bird hangs around,hopefully it will.
I have to add that the twitch was very well organized and "policed" by the Gwent birders and huge thanks to them all for doing such a great jobl,all of the birders present were very well behaved and at no time was the welfare of the bird threatened.
Dan and Lewis had to get back and so we left at about 13.15 and after dropping them off at Dan's we headed for the Heliport in search of the two Bonaparte's Gulls.

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