Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wipit, Diver & Shrike

Not a dodgy firm of solicitors, but the three star birds from a morning out at Llwyn-onn Reservoir and Garwnant.

Mike Hogan and a group of Carmarthenshire (the land of milk and honey) photographers were already on the Water Pipit when I arrived at Llwyn-onn, and, as I travelled round towards Garwnant, I renewed my aquaintance with the Great Northern Diver which was busy (cray)fishing on the millpond surface of the reservoir. Easy peasy.

Not qute as easy was the Great Grey Shrike. I went first to the 'southern clearfell', but there were some guys there planting saplings. I didn't bother hanging around and headed straight to the 'northern clearfell'. I waited there for and hour and a half and drew a blank, only managing to see a shedload of Crossbill and half a dozen Bullfinch.

Back to the 'southern clearfell' and, despite the blokes still busy planting the saplings nearby, there was the Great Grey Shrike - distant at first before it briefly landed on a tree nearby.

Slocombe - eat your heart out!


Jeff said...

That "image" (and I use the term loosely)
is the reason that I gave up "digi-scoping" and took up proper SLR photography !!

Dan said...

Nothing wrong with the "digiscoped" image Jeff - the light was crap!

Jeff said...

Not just the light by the look of it !!