Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Another White Winger"

Few shots of the Iceland Gull which was the only bird in the field alongside the chapel as I drove past mid-morning on the way to Kenfig.
I txtd Mark Hipkin who put the word out and was soon joined by Port Talbot birders Dave Sharps and Phil Routliffe,Kevin turned up a little later as he had the same idea as me of going to Kenfig and we all enjoyed superb views of the "white-winged" beauty which had been found by fellow "Maestegi" last Tuesday.
A phonecall to Dan soon had him and "The Twitchmeister" on the road and Geth quickly added another "lifer" to his growing list.
Alan Blackley and Paul Tabor joined us as did Graeme Powell and the bird continued to give excellent views as it "wormed" continuously feeding well.
The group dis-banded and we all headed our separate ways,Dan,Geth and myself headed to Kenfig in search of the Target Pool in the dunes hoping for Jack Snipe and we soon caught up with Kevin who was already there.
We found the pool but unfortunately no Jack Snipe,in fact there was very little to be seen at all,which means another visit another day,perhaps at first light on one of the next weekends.

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