Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Warblers or "The Wedding" - no contest !!

Teresa and myself took advantage of the the second long weekend in a row by spending four nights up at caravan in Llangors and while she watched the royal wedding I made an early start and paid a visit to Park Wood in Talgarth in search of Wood Warbler.
I had noted from the Brecknock Birds sightings page that Wood Warblers had been seen recently at the wood and so decided to pay my first visit in the hope of a new "photographic tick".
The first bird I heard singing when I got out of the car was Wood Warbler and I soon found the bird alongside the footpath through the wood,this bird and another of a total of five that I found duly obliged for some photographs although pinning them down was not easy as they continually flitted around in the canopy.
This is a large wood of mainly broadleaved trees with some conifers in places and is certainly a site that I will visit again,there were large numbers of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff present along with our resident woodland birds but try as I might I couldn't find a Pied Flycatcher although the habitat looks perfect.

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