Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Black-necked Grebe:Llanilid

When the belated news broke of a summer plumaged Black-necked Grebe on one of the pools at Llanilid I knew that this was one bird that I wanted to attempt to photograph.
I managed to get down to the site after work this evening and Peter "Pedro" Morgan was already on the bird and clicking away with his camera.
The pool isn't very large but the bird prefered to keep it's distance sticking mainly to the middle of the water and only occasionally drifting a little closer to shore.
The weather was overcast and the light was very poor so I had to push the ISO a tad but I was pleased to get some reasonable record shots of this spectacular small grebe.
I've only seen a handful of Black-necked Grebes and all have been in winter plumage so as well as getting a few pics I got a "plumage tick" as well,happy days !!