Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dippers:River Llynfi,Llangynwyd,Maesteg

Some photos of Dippers taken on Saturday morning 24.April 2010


Wayne said...

Nice Jeff! You can almost identify the invertebrates with those images.

Dan said...

Cracking shots Jeff. Taken from the spot you showed me by sewage works? How long did you have to wait there in full camo' for it to pose like that for you?!?!

Stick it down as a Roving Record for SS88U. No records of Dipper in that tetrad so far ;-)

PS Good to have something new to look at on this flippin' blog. We should get out more.

Jeff said...

Cheers lads for your nice comments,I also got some great comments on South Wales Birding all of which are much appreciated.
I notice today that Andy Rouse has a bit of work to do to get up to my standards when photographing Dippers,I've obviously "raised the bar a little to high" for him !!

Martyn Hnatiuk said...

Great photos Jeff - well impressed