Monday, February 22, 2010

Twitchmeister Art

Grey Heron at Forest Farm

A touch of the ol' Van Gogh in this painting methinks?


Wayne said...

Good! Bittern wouldn't sit still?

Dan said...

He's said he'll have a go at Bittern when he's practised a bit with "easier species"! His latest scheme is to paint all the birds he's seen down Forest Farm / Glamorgan Canal. I think he's going to have a go at Jay tonight.

I finally managed to see the Bittern at Forest Farm last weekend. Geth was gutted cos he can't grip me off any more - he's seen it SIX times.

Anonymous said...

Gethin's artwork is excellent, though not as good as his prodigious birding skills and gentle nature.

Recently, his enthusiastic presence and disarming character prevented one irritated birder from setting about the head of an oh so irritating photographer.