Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phalarope fun and Slimbridge session

Although Gill is usually quite happy to see whatever birds she encounters, she had said that she would like to see a phalarope if one was around. So, when one settled at Saul Warth, Frampton, we decided to head up there on Sunday 17th August. On arrival at the car park, an Autumn plumage Kevin Hughes appeared (a year tick for me!), and confirmed that the bird was still present. Sure enough, after walk along the canal bank and a scramble up the muddy embankment, we joined a reasonably large group of birders, many of whom were already looking at the Red Necked Phalarope, which was showing quite well, but distantly. Gill watched as it picked at the surface and spun a bit, in typical phalarope fashion. A couple of Green Sandpipers and a Wood Sandpiper were also present amongst many other common waders. We then headed to Slimbridge where Gill and Rosie explored the new playground (and decided that it is excellent!) whilst I investigated the hides. 5 Green Sandpipers showed from Robbie Garnett Hide (yes, I know that only 3 are visible in the picture) and a Ruff, a Spotted Redshank, 2 Common Terns, and a Black Tern showed on South Lake. Gill fancied walking to Mid Point, not ideal with Rosie asleep in the pushchair, and VERY few birds visible at all when we got there, but at least we can say we've been now! Captions on a postcard please! The End!

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