Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lesser Yellowlegs

OK - it should be 'Lesser Yellowfoot' but that would have been an even crapper title! As you can see from the photo above the Boy Birder has broken his foot and so won't be charging around after rarities for the next six weeks. He broke it on the last full day of our holiday down at Whitesands near St. David's. He's cracked one of his metatarsals so perhaps for the next few weeks he should be know as the 'Boy Beckham'.

We stayed in the Youth Hostel at Whitesands - the view from which you can see above. That's Ramsey Island in the distance. Birding was quiet. Seawatching only came up with Gannet, Shag, Fulmar, Kittiwake, Common Scoter and hundreds of Manxies. Also some distant views of Harbour Porpoise. The Grey Seals had also started pupping. On land the 'highlights' were Chough, Peregrine (patiently chasing a Ringed Plover until it nonchanantly picked it off when it got knackered) and Red-legged Partridge.

Roll on Autumn.


Tim Hall said...

I bet he's hopping mad. Is he off school?

Jeff said...

You bloody cheapskate Jenks !!as Jim Royle would say "youth hostel my arse"
The poor lad probably broke his foot falling out of the top bunk
Must dash,have to send an e-mail to Childline !!

Dan said...

The TM has always been mad Tim - I'm sure there's some Maesteg blood in him somehwere!

Naff off Jeff! Or I'll tell everybody about about the computer software you've used to boost your UK life list by 30 species over night - sound to me as if it some sort of birding Viagra! Or have you started to count those species you see down in the pens at Penclac!!!