Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tabloid Twitchmeister

Read all about it! Read all about it!
The Twitchmeister in today's
Western Mail

Yes, a photo of the Boy Birder appeared in today's "National Paper of Wales" (LOL). No he hasn't breached his ASBO again (that's ASBO as in Anti-Social Birding Order which I issued him with after his constant habit of gripping people off). No, there's a photo of him holding a Long-tailed Tit - not a real one I hasten to add, but a furry toy one - after an officer from the RSPB called at his school yesterday to promote The Big Garden Birdwatch.

Sadly, there were no lifers for the Little Lister on the school bird table.


Wayne said...

TM will be in that rag, the Daily Mail next, with tales of his twitching exploits and grinding LGRE into submission.

Tim Hall said...

I guess that the furry bird is from the RSPB range. I bought Gill the Turtle Dove (her favourite) at Minsmere, but she's only allowed to make it purr in May and June!

PS The in-laws bought me the Blue Tit last Christmas, the bird equivalent of the Toffee Penny. It's Rosie's now!