Monday, September 03, 2007

Stork SB

Stork Safely Bagged? Sadly not. Stork Sadly Buggered-off more like. I had to attend a wedding on Anglesey over the weekend and as the date drew nearer I noticed that the long-staying Black Stork on the Alaw Estuary near Llanfachraeth was only 15 minutes drive away from where we were staying. Top banana! Every night before the trip I logged onto Birdguides praying that it would stay until the day I got there. And it did . . . . right up until about 15 minutes before I arrived at the estuary. I had the privelege of meeting the very last birders to see it, who promptly told me "You should have been here ten minutes ago. It's just flown away". (Through gritted teeth) Any idea where it could have gone? "Could be anywhere!" I revisited the estuary over the next couple of days but no joy. Nice views of six Greenshank, R-b Mergs, Knot, Dunlin, shed loads of Curlew, the odd Little Egret and Kingfisher was small compensation. Nice estuary though and worth a visit if you're up North.