Wednesday, September 12, 2007

At last - a bird

I had planned to spend the sunny afternoon of 12th Sept at Goldcliff. Just before I set off, an Aquatic Warbler was reported from nearby Uskmouth, so I headed there instead. Approaching the lighthouse, I met a birder coming away, who asked if I was looking for the warbler, explained that he was the finder, and then took me to where it had showed.
He left, and a lonely and birdless hour passed, until Gareth Stamp and another birder arrived. I explained the situation, and left to move my car (left inside the gate-silly when it's locked at 5pm).
A quick trip to Goldcliff seemed reasonable, as I felt that the bird had escaped me.
Little Owl,
Yellow Wags, a Little Stint, a few
and several Knot and Blackwit were nice, but not what I wanted.
Wayne texted me to ask if I'd seen the warbler. I then rang him and found out that I'd missed it by about 10 mins!
Back I went, and Gareth put me on the bird within a couple of minutes, and it showed well in sunshine, on and off, at about 20 feet.
No piccies of it, sadly ( well not by me anyway), but a welcome "lifer" on a gorgeous evening.
Good luck to anyone else who looks for it!

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