Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Scoter Surprise

Sophie wanted a trip to see the sea yesterday and of course I didn't need a second invitation. We walked from Rest Bay up to Kenfig Sands. It was quiet with very little viz mig - just a couple of Wheatears to keep us company and a couple of Skylark overhead. The only waders on the beach were Oystercatcher and Curlew. I always feel a sense of expectation when I arrive at Kenfig Sands. You can arrive there one day and there will be a nice little selection of waders on show. The next day, for no apparent reason, there are none. I was a little disappointed that the only thing visible were more Oycs and Curlews, but with the falling tide I decided to have a closer look at the Mussel Bed. Amongst the gulls were a few Turnstone and little else. But, while looking at the Mussel Bed, out of the corner of my field of view, I saw a small flock of dark birds heading towards me from Swansea. 7 Common Scoter. Another addition to my Glam Year Lists, and a very pleasant surprise. They dropped down on the sea off Kenfig Sands. I watched them for a few moments, took my eye off them to look at something else (a Shag), and never saw them again - even though the sea was relatively calm. I'd been lucky! Dead chuffed we walked home and on the way back a large flock of about 120 Golden Plover circled overhead. And so my local year lists are still ticking over, but I dipped this morning on the Ruff at The Watermill. That would have been a nice addition. I was already thinking of the title of my blog ("Ruff Stuff!") as I drove down there. Perhaps I shouldn't have tempted fate.


Wayne said...

Blimey, these are now coming thick and fast from the Carmarthen Kid. He'll be blogging for Wales next!

Dan said...

Wait 'till I start work again and my blog entries will soon dry up.