Tuesday, October 03, 2006

No (re)Tern, but Oodles of Ouzels

Sorry - I couldn't resist it. On my way home from Swansea last night I 'terned' off into Eglwys Nunydd in the hope of adding another tick to my Glamorgan Year List. Sadly the Little Tern had naffed off an hour before I had arrived. The sight of 5 Black Tern hawking along the reservoir was some sort of consolation. ring ouzelI had more luck on Sunday with the Ring Ouzels at Cwmparc. I felt like a Victorian aristocratic ornithologist because, there waiting for me at the bottom of hill with the Ouzels already staked out for me was my scout - Wayne 'Trapper' Morris. He put me and Gethin (the two biggest twitchers in Glamorgan this year) onto the birds immediately. A lifer for Geth who was suitably impressed. Sadly, we couldn't refind the two Black Redstarts which were also present which would have been yet another lifer for JJ jnr. Many thanks Wayne - I owe you a pint.


Wayne said...

I see it was Jeff's tern today.

Dan said...

Ho! Ho! Keep 'em comin'!!