Saturday, February 04, 2006

Black-throated Thrush Number 2

I managed to pop down to Swansea with Alec this morning to see the long-staying black-throated thrush. As I arrived at the gates of the field a couple of birders were on their way out having got good views of the bird. Sure enough as I joined the small crowd near the three canes the bird was feeding on the red berries. Just as I got my 'scope up it popped down out of view. Not to worry though as after about ten minutes it reappeared in the tree and was quite active until I left having watched it for another 10 minutes or so. It is clearly a different bird than the one in Somerset, with a strong black throat and chest. It was joined in the tree by a female blackcap feeding on the berries. A great bird, but not even a year tick! A slightly unusual site of eleven common gulls with a couple of black-headed gulls were on show feeding by the exit.

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