Monday, January 02, 2006

A rest from Year listing

Having yearlisted for 10 years now, I have decided to rest this year. I still intend birding frequently, but with more local patch/ survey work. Previous year totals (UK and Europe only): 1996 170 49 lifers (a few in Holland) 1997 205 31 lifers 1998 226 26 lifers (a few in Belgium) 1999 233 24 lifers 2000 250 20 lifers 2001 204 5 lifers (Foot and Mouth, a few in Belgium) 2002 217 4 lifers 2003 233 4 lifers (another 22, inc 18 lifers in Majorca) 2004 227 4 lifers 2005 232 11 lifers (another 66, inc 56 lifers in NZ; and 2, both lifers in LA airport)


Tim Hall said...

Incidentally, took my mother out on 1st Jan, and saw 63 species by 1430, when we stopped for a family meal.
Highlights: Barn and Little Owl by 0745, Scaup, Laugher, LT Duck. No f!!!ing Purple Sands again at Ogmore

Wayne said...

You will be coming out on a few trips though, won't you?

Only managed Laughing Gull, Shag and Red-legged Partridge yesterday with Alec.

2005 was the first time I've kept a total. I can't see me ever getting 250 in a year, unless I do Scotland and Norfolk in the year as well as moving back to the north. I'll keep a list going again this year. Its a bit of fun and there's some 'easy' UK birds I still haven't seen yet.