Sunday, November 13, 2005

Upland Sandpiper in Somerset

Jeff, Dan, Colin Gittins and me filled Dans' car to twitch the Upland Sandpiper at Kingston Seymour. As we left, Tim sent a message that a red-headed Smew was on Lisvance Reservoir. We arrived at around 9:45am and managed to squeeze the car in not too far from the end of Middle Lane. Many birders were coming and going, and we received the good news that the bird was still present, though not showing quite as well as earlier in the morning. We all managed to pick a place along the line of 'scopes, but getting a good vantage point was difficult. Nevertheless, after a little while we were all on the bird which showed reasonably well at times. Later we headed south for a quick visit to Huntspill to view the reported three Richard's Pipits. What a trek! A number of birders were about but the pipits were not to be seen. We headed home satisfied we got our target bird.

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Tim Hall said...

The Smew was a cracker!