Monday, November 28, 2005

Bunting Bonanza

Jeff, Lilly and I made the trip to Werfa on Sunday morning. After a short walk along the frozen track Lilly flushed a very confiding Snow Bunting. This one looked like a first-winter bird, probably female. It was very confiding and even walked towards us to within about 15 feet. After about 20 minutes watching and photographing the bird we moved on in search of the Lapland Bunting. There was no sign of it after about an hour searching in its previous local. We had great views over Blaengarw and down towards Bridgend at the coast though. As we made our way back up the hill towards the mast we saw four birders in the distance. They too were searching for the bunting to no avail. Then, as we approached, they signalled that they were on the bird, only about 15 feet in front of them. We were soon on it too, and got fantastic views. Jeff took loads of photos. These two birds now take me to 195 for the year.

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Tim Hall said...

Wellies were a good plan!