Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cattle Egret : St Athan

After something of a 'couch potato' day last Saturday watching the Six Nations rugby final round of matches I thought I'd get a little fresh air on Sunday morning with a visit to St Athan hoping for some photographs of the Cattle Egret which had been found last Wednesday by Matt Meehan, another great find by Matt who is on something of a roll at the moment.
I rocked up at it's favoured field adjacent the main road near the T junction and whilst watching the bird from the metal entrance gate was joined by Steve Hinton.
The bird was associating with the cattle in the field as the species does but was a little too distant for any worthwhile shots.
Steve left and I moved down to a spot near the bus shelter where the bird was a little nearer and was joined firstly by Alun Hughes who was making a flying visit and then by Paul Denning who was also hoping for some photographs.
The bird never came close enough for any really meaningful photos but I managed some 'record' shots that I was reasonably pleased with considering the distance..........

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