Sunday, January 22, 2017

Waxwing hunt........

Having seen and photographed the Waxwings that turned up in Brecon at the start of 2017 I'd resisted the temptation to go for the ones more recently in Cardiff and Barry but yesterday decided to have a go for the birds that had been found this week at The Range in Swansea and off Harbour Way opposite the steelworks in Port Talbot.
I tried for the Port Talbot birds first on my way to Swansea but with no luck but on arrival at The Range found the birds in the trees on the boundary of the car park which other birders were watching.
Paul Tabor turned up at the same time as myself and it was good to bump into and chat with Peter and Simon Murray, Ray Davies, John Farrell, Wendel Thomas, Rob Jones and a few other birders that I didn't know.
The light was harsh but with a blue sky and I managed to get a few reasonable photographs.....

The birds were attracting quite a bit of attention from the shoppers in the busy car park but at about 3.00pm they all took flight and headed east which was my cue to leave with the intention of finding the Port Talbot birds on the way home.
Whilst driving slowly along Harbour Way I met Phil Routliff who had refound the birds in the morning and who was showing another birder them, he pointed me in the right direction and I caught up with Paul Tabor who had left Swansea before I did.
The birds were in some rowans at the bottom of an embankment but although the light was still good they were in the shade, and I managed a few shots, we could only see three but when they took off to fly to roost we were surprised that there had been ten lurking in the trees.......

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