Wednesday, June 29, 2016

American Golden Plover - not !!!

On 5th May news got out of an American Golden Plover found in the morning at Sker Point, Porthcawl which promptly decided to disappear for the rest of the day.
It did however re-appear the following morning and being a "lifer" for both of us I arranged to meet up after work with fellow "togger" Peter Morgan at KNNR car park and we briskly walked down through the adjacent golf course quickly finding the spot where the bird had been reappeared.
There were several birders present including Steve Hinton, Alun Hughes, Simon Murray, Darren Coombs and a couple that I didn't know, Adrian Meredith and Paul Marshman turned up a little later.
We settled in with Steve on the water's edge and both managed some photos that we were pleased with.......

Questions were being asked about the validity of the bird's ID and whilst some characteristics looked good the main one of dark or grey auxiliaries (armpit) didn't as they were pure white which can be seen in the second photo.
Whilst we were watching the bird news came through via Birdguides that the bird had been re-identified as a (European) Golden Plover, bugger !!, there goes another "lifer".
There were good numbers of waders along the shoreline including about 20 Whimbrel and on the way back we stopped at Sker House where one of the resident Little Owls showed distantly on the roof of one of the old outbuildings.

If the plover had been the genuine article I would have been really pleased with my photos but as it turned out they are not even the best images that I've taken of Golden Plover, oh well, such is life.

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