Monday, December 28, 2015

Grey Phalarope : Sker Pool

Having overdosed recently on Short-eared Owls and with a dry weather forecast for today I turned my attention to the Grey Phalarope found yesterday on Sker Pool.
After a fruitless morning walking up and back to the Bodvoc Stone on Mynydd Margam above Llangynwyd in the hope of connecting with the two Short-eared Owls found yesterday afternoon by Scott Squires (only because SEO would have been a "valley tick") I headed for Sker Pool south of Kenfig NNR hoping that the phalarope would still be there.
As the pool is quite small getting some nice images should not have been difficult, I parked up just off the main road near Pyle & Kenfig golf club and with my dog "Pearl" for company headed down the public footpath towards Sker House.
I had earlier spoken with Simon Murray who after originally posting that the bird had moved from the pool re-reported that it had come back and the first person I bumped into on arrival was Simon's dad Peter, also present were fellow "toggers" Jeff Lack and Bob Hopkins and also birder Rob Jones.
I settled in and proceeded to get some images that I was quite pleased with..........

Just as I was about to pack up and leave it was nice to bump into and chat with "Jake" Gilmore and Judd Hunt and we walked back part of the way together.

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