Sunday, February 08, 2015

Little Bunting : Forest Farm NR, Cardiff

A Little Bunting was found at Forest Farm on Thurs 5th February 2015 by Mike Powell and Dave "Jake" Gilmore (great find lads) checking out the site following a report of a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker visiting the feeders near the old farm buildings, this as you can imagine caused a lot of local excitement and in the couple of days since being discovered has been well visited by birders and "toggers".
I had hoped that the bird would stay until the weekend giving me the chance to get some photographs and the bird duly obliged !!
I had arranged to meet up with fellow birder and "togger" friend Steve Wilce from Bwlch, Nr Brecon yesterday morning and we both arrived at the hide at 07.20 and found the bird quickly at 07.30 feeding in the grassy well seeded area in front of the hide, the bird was showing as closely as 10' allowing us both to get some pleasing images..........

As time went on the hide started to fill, fellow "Maestegi" Paul Parsons, Matyn Hnatiuk, Colin Gittins and Paul Tabor arrived followed by Mike Cram and fellow "Boxers" Dan and Gethin J-J, Adrian Hopkins could also not resist the temptation.

We filled our boots for a couple of hours and after an abortive visit to the "Kingfisher" hide where the pool was frozen and the only birds to show were a Common Snipe and a distant Water Rail we decided to pop up to nearby Forest Ganol hoping to catch up with the wintering Hawfinches.
No sooner had we arrived about 15 birds flew over in small groups of 2-4 but they were always high in the trees and we both only managed a couple of "record" shots against the horrible white/grey sky which is almost impossible to expose against........

Richard Smith caught up with us and after Steve had decided to head back North to home myself and "Smudger" decided to have another look at the Little Bunting this after a quick bite at the local McDonalds for myself, I was hoping to get a shot of the bunting perched up and fair play to the bird it performed as requested.........

Whilst watching the bunting a Treecreeper flew on to a close tree allowing a couple of shots......

Myself and Richard managed a few more shots and then decided to call it a day, what a stunning little bird and a great find by Mike and "Jake".


JRandSue said...

Stunning post,with superb images.

Jeff said...

Thank you John, your kind comment is much appreciated.
I had a look at your blog a little earlier and am well impressed, you certainly get some good birds down there in Cornwall, can you send a few up to us in Glamorgan.