Monday, March 17, 2014

A well earned diver........

Teresa fancied a jaunt Sunday afternoon and being the really devious type I was able to convince her that she really would enjoy a visit to Cosmeston Country Park near Penarth.
I must be the only "togger" in Glamorgan who hadn't yet photographed the Black-throated Diver that had taken up residence on the lakes at "Cossie" and after settling Mrs S into the cafe in the visitor centre I did a circuit of the East lake which the bird has been favouring and where it had been reported from on Sunday morning,unfortunately for me despite several thorough scans it was nowhere to be seen.
I made my way to the West lake and after a few scans found the diver favoring the western bank mid-way along the lake,bugger,even more walking !!
I made my way around to the western side by which time the bird had made it's way a little further out from the shore and managed a few shots in the cold,grey soulless light,I had to crank the ISO up a little and play around with exposure compensation and at the end of the day the I may as well have shot in monochrome !!.............

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