Sunday, May 12, 2013

Otters : Llangors Lake

Thought I'd check out Llangasty Point this morning and then take a stroll across the fields to the new hide,there were hirundines everywhere and 200+ Swifts wizzed above me as I crossed the first field.
I was hoping to pick up a few woodland species on my stroll but it was generally quiet,lots of birdsong but with a stiff breeze most stuff was staying well concealed.
I decided I'd try and photograph a few Sedge Warblers from the "ride" in the reeds in front of the hide and heard a large splash in the shallows followed by a brief sighting of an otter tail snaking under the water amongst the lily pads.
There was a fair commotion under the timber boat landing at the end of the "ride" and next thing a pair of otters surfaced side by side from under the timber structure not 25' from me !!
I must admit I was spellbound and for the 20 or so secs they stayed I blasted away getting some shots,they were too close but I daren't move for fear of disturbing them as they both looked at me !!
All I could manage was head shots before they slinked back into the water and disappeared,I've always known there are otters using the lake but they are only reported very infrequently and this was my first ever sighting and at 25' at that.
What a thrill !!!!.........


Wayne said...

Terrific encounter! Like the third one best.

Dan said...

Top two photos remind me of the Craignure Inn on Mull: "You lookin' at me? YOU LOOKIN' AT ME?!"

Brilliant photos Jeff.

Jeff said...

The otter's probably got more intelligence !!