Sunday, April 14, 2013

And finally,one in Wales at last...........

I noted with interest the Hoopoe reported yesterday from Middleton,Gower but the awful weather in the afternoon and an evening out at a party mean't that a visit was impossible.
Hoopoe has been something of a "bogey" bird for me over the years and before today I hadn't seen one in Wales let alone Glamorgan,I've seen dozens in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands but my only UK sighting was a bird in Somerset several years ago.
I had no real plans for today and a text from Peter "Pedro" Morgan asking if I fancied going out was followed minutes later by a "grapevine" text informing me that the bird was still there this morning,mind made up !!
We met up at Sarn and the heavy rain encountered on the way down had me thinking that we'd be sat in Peter's car for an hour after arriving waiting for the rain to stop.
The rain eased as we neared our destination and after wasting 10 minutes looking in the wrong place came across Adam Tilt walking back to his car for his camera,he informed us that the bird was in the lane leading down to the "Nitten Field" but on arrival the bird took off and flew east towards the car park for Mewslade Bay.
We set off in search with Adam and his girlfriend and depite a brief sighting by Adam we returned to the car for a quick bite to eat with Adam and his girlfriend deciding to call it a day.
We ventured back down the lane and came across Alun John from Mumbles who had luckily come across the bird feeding on the grass verge near the gate to the "Nitten Field" and he had manged a few shots.
Barry and Sandra Stewart arrived and decided to have a search further down towards the valley and as they returned we saw the bird fly into the "Nitten Field" where myself,Peter and Alun manged a few distant record shots.
After a little more wandering about we decided to "park" ourselves near the gate to the "Nitten Field" and after a few more frustrating flight views the bird appeared in the field to the left of the lane about 30yds from the gate and we both managed to get some reasonable "record" shots at last.
The bird having allowed us to get some shots then once again decided to disappear and after agreeing that we were unlikely to get any closer opportunities decided to head for Ogmore-by-Sea for the Bonaparte's Gull which had decided to reappear this morning after a month's absence.
We had hoped the bird had gone into summer plumage but upon reading the sighting report en route that the bird was only showing some signs of change and with darkening skys and poor light we decided to head for home.
Not a bad day out,I had finally caught up with a local Hoopoe,a county and Welsh "tick" for me and after giving us the runaround for four hours the bird finally gave itself up for a few shots.

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Dan said...

I'd say that those were a bit better than "record shots" Jeff. You were well rewarded for your patience!

Hoopoe's still my UK bogey bird, let alone Wales/Glamorgan bogey bird.