Saturday, February 16, 2013

"You just can't get enough of owls"............

I fancied a crack at the Barn Owl at Aust Warth on the Severn Estuary which has been showing well on and off for a few weeks during daylight hours so left early and got there at 7.20am.
The estuary was shrouded in mist early on which took a while to burn off and the Barn Owl eventually showed at 9.30am and continued to hunt for a couple of hours quartering the rough ground alongside the road.
It perched up several times but was always a little too distant to get a good shot.
Shortly after the Barn Owl showed I enjoyed the added bonus of a Short-eared Owl coming out to hunt and managed some shots of both species that I was quite pleased with.
I stayed for most of the day hoping that the birds would return later in the afternoon to hunt and really enjoyed the company of two fellow "toggers" from the Cotswolds and Stroud before calling it a day and leaving at about 4.00pm as the light started to fade.


Anonymous said...

Great shots - nice to meet you earlier

Nick H (with the new Nikon 500!)

T. Clear said...

Amazing photos!