Monday, January 14, 2013

Bonaparte's Gull:Ogmore,return visit........

With a sunny day forecast for Sunday I couldn't wait to get down to Ogmore to try and get some more photographs of the recently arrived Bonaparte's Gull but in much better light than the previous Sunday which was extremely dull and grey.
I got there at about 08.20 as the very high tide (10.6m) was beginning to drop and the gulls were starting to feed,I quickly got on to the bird which was feeding in it's regular spot near the incoming stream and got a trio of visiting birders onto it who reciprocated by letting me have some great views through one of their 'scopes.
Armed with my loaf of Tesco's Value best white sliced I fed several times and the Bonys joined in with the Black-headed Gulls on a couple of occasions allowing some nice flight shots.
It seemed to favour feeding in the water using a phalarope style swimming action and also by picking in the mud of the river bank and defended it's regular feeding area vigorously against the Black-headed Gulls.
Not long before I called it a day a splendid male Goldeneye drifted past heading downriver and gave me the opportunity of a nice shot.


Jackson y said...

really nice pictures!!!!!!!

David Gilmore said...

Excellent set of photos Jeff. Well done. Really like the one with the pair of Goldeneye - good one for a caption:
'Brash American tourist disturbs local couple out for a quiet stroll' perhaps!

Naz said...

Wow! Some stunning images. Nicely done.