Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snow Bunting:Aberavon Beach

After all the rain it was nice to get out today and the sun even shined for a few hours,woohoo !!
Thought I'd take a stroll along Aberavon Beach and try and refind the Snow Bunting found on Christmas Day by local birder Gary Lewis.
I managed to find the bird feeding on the strand line about as far west as you can walk along the beach before coming to the River Neath.
The long walk was worth it with the bunting showing well down to 15' in good light and I managed a few shots that I was quite pleased with.


Dan said...

Nice one Jeff. Are those shadows in pics 5 & 6? That would suggest that the sun was out - a scarcer sight in South Wales in 2012 than anything else. The Sun - soon to become a 'description species' in the UK?

Wayne said...

Quality! Amongst the best and certainly better than this one.