Sunday, September 23, 2012

An average day's birdin' until.........

We didn't get up to the caravan this weekend and so I thought I'd stay fairly local and started Saturday early with a visit to Kenfig hoping to refind and photograph the Firecrest found by Neil Donaghy on Friday.
Graham Powell had the same idea and we chatted and had a good look around near the south pool hide where the bird had been seen but to no avail,a couple of Cetti's Warblers sung but true to form wouldn't show bar for a brief glimpse.
I left a quiet Kenfig and moved on to Ogmore which with a high tide and loads of fishermen was equally as quiet.
I decided to next call up at Ewenny Down in the hope of connecting with and photographing a Dartford Warbler now that the breeding season is over with a call into the old ruined building to check out the Little Owls on the way.
The pair did show but not close enough or unobstructed to get a really nice shot.
Ewenny Down save for a close overhead Common Buzzard was totally unproductive and as I was about to call back through Ogmore to check out the river on a dropping tide a text came through advising of an Osprey over Neath saltmarsh.
I changed my plan and headed down to Neath hoping that the bird would be fishing on the river or perched up on one of the bridges or many posts.
I couldn't gain access at the normal point due to locked gates to view the railway bridge and headed for Brunel Quay and decided to walk the river down to the estuary.
No sign of an Osprey and a flock of Linnets feeding on seed heads wouldn't oblige for the camera although I did get reasonably close to a pair of passage Wheatears on their way south and managed a couple of nice shots.
Just as I got to the end of my outward walk my mobile rang and Peter "Pedro" Morgan who was at Ogmore confirmed the he had found a Wryneck in the field due south of the sewage works entrance which after giving only a brief view on a fence post had disappeared.
My plan was to head for home but Peter was staying for an hour so I quickenned my pace on the return walk and decided to return to Ogmore.
The bird still hadn't been seen when I arrived and so we both searched the surrounding area for an hour with a Robin,Dunnock and a late Common Whitethroat raising hopes as they flitted in the hedgerow.
We were just returning to our cars when we spotted another bird on a fence post,the posture looked good for Wryneck,I took a shot and "zoomed in" and the bird was clearly a Wryneck.
We moved closer and took a few shots,the bird was quite flighty and mobile and disappeared and then re-appeared on different fence posts and with the light failing quickly it did not reappear although we hung around for another 45mins or so.
Peter was releived that we had refound the bird and I was well pleased with what was for me a Glamorgan and Wales "tick" the only other bird I'd seen being at Portland on a GBC trip several years ago.
What had been a pretty average day in the field turned out quite well in the end !!

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Cracking shots of the White Arse!