Monday, July 09, 2012

"Pass me another Common Blue please"..................

Paid an afternoon visit to the Glanusk Horse Trials on Saturday and after an enjoyable few hours spent a little time trying to photograph a group of Barn Swallows hawking insects over one of the meadows on the way back to the car park,frustratingly difficult but good fun all the same !!
We then called in to Talybont Reservoir on the way back to the caravan where the highlights were a Common Sandpiper flying down the opposite shore and a couple of female Goosanders in flight.
There were several House Martins nesting on the "pumphouse" at the dam end which was another photographic challenge,unfortunately I also witnessed the demise of a youngster as it fell from a nest and despite a valiant attempt succumbed to the cold water.
Had a look around the lake on Sunday morning hoping to get a photo that I was unable to get last week which was a juvenile being fed by a parent bird.
There were loads of Common Blue Damselflies on the wing and they were easy pickings for the Reed Warblers and I managed a few of the shots that I wanted,even managed one of a Common Blue being "ejected" from the other end of one of the birds !!

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They are beautiful!