Sunday, May 13, 2012

Black-necked Grebes:Rhaslas Pond

Having received the "group text" alert on Friday of the pair of Black-necked Grebes found by Geri Thomas and Alan Rosney (great find btw!) I was tempted to call in at the pond on Friday evening on our way up to the caravan but feared the light would beat me and so decided to go for them on Saturday morning.
A text to Mike Hogan who had seen and photographed them on Friday evening didn't help me as Mike hadn't been back there first thing and so I decided to take a chance on the birds still being there.
I hadn't been to Rhaslas Pond before but knew where it was and found it quite easily,as I rolled up at the pond at the end of the track a quick scan with the bins found the pair still in the near bay.
The Jeep must have scared the birds and I temporarily lost them fearing that I had mistaken a pair of GC Grebes in the middle of the pond for them and began to doubt myself.
I decided to walk a lap of the pond anyway and another scan found the birds at the farthest point in front of north bank and my pace noticably quickenned as I made my way around the pond.
Both birds were together about 50m off the shore but one broke away and started feeding closer to shore and I eventually managed to get some shots down to about 10-15m which I was reasonably pleased with.
I spent the next 20 minutes or so getting some shots until the bird moved back out of reach to join it's mate and deciding that I wasn't going to get any better shots headed back to the caravan.
Just as I was leaving another birder arrived who was Stuart Hardcastle,he was also relieved to find that the birds were still present and we chatted for 5 minutes before I left.
It is only the second time I have had the opportunity of photographing summer plumaged BN Grebes following the Llanilid bird last year,an opportunity not to be missed,"what a pair of stunners".


Paul Parsons said...

Nicely exposed shots in what looks like bright light Jeff.

Dan said...

Nice one Jeffers. Crackers!

Photo no.5 is a bit graphic for this fluffy bunny blog though!