Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gropper.....patience required !!

Decided to make the most of a nice evening,probably the best of the week looking at the forecast,and straight after work popped up to the field behind Maesteg Cemetery which has great habitat and generally holds a few "reeling" Grasshopper Warblers.
I quickly found two birds at opposite sides of the field but getting them to show was another story,I had fleeting glimpes of both low in the vegetation and after giving up on bird two moved back to the first bird I had found.
It reeled away giving me the odd glimpse and then finally after 2hours and 10minutes with the light failing it popped up on to a bramble and I managed a few reasonable shots.
Unfortunately I had to crank up the ISO to cope with the gloom and to give me some sort of shutter speed so the resultant images are a little on the "grainy" side.
Never mind,hopefully the weather will improve and I can put in a few hours on a weekend with some nice light.

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