Monday, August 29, 2011

The Morning After the Morning Before

Having said I'd get up "first thing" in my previous posting I suppose I'd better prove that I did!

Well I did, and I'm really glad I did. It wasn't quite as busy as the previous morning, and we didn't have the excitement of adding any new species to the patch life list, but it was worth getting up to see the numbers of Chiffchaff going through Radyr Floodplain (The Scrub). We counted at least 35 of them, and that was a conservative estimate. Also making up the numbers were a dozen Blackcap and 4 Whitethroats. And then Geth turned up trumps by digging out a Lesser Whitethroat - only our second ever for The Scrub. Of interest to Geth and me only were some fly-over Rooks (a patch year tick).

And finally, on our way home we went through 'The Top Scrub' (not that it is in anyway 'top' in a birding sense - it's normally rubbish. It's not even particularly 'scrubby' either). It's official name is the Glamorgan Canal LNR Top Meadow and to our surprise, in addition to the ever present Magpies, Jackdaws, Greenfinch and dog walkers, it also had 3 Tree Pipits.

Ah, the joys of migration.

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Jeff said...

Well done both,it's great when you come across migration in full swing with large falls of birds,that's when local patch birding really comes into it's own.