Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Gropper" in the bag.

I fancied a couple of hours out this evening after work and was going to pop down to Darren Woods to have a look for a Wood Warbler but after having a chat with Paul "Sid" Parsons decided instead to have a look around the fields behind Maesteg Cemetery.
"Sid" assured me that the fields were a reliable site for Grasshopper Warbler and I wasn't dissapointed with four different birds "reeling" and two seen,one of which posed quite nicely for the camera.
Nice one "Sid" !!


Wayne said...

You're just showing off now!

Martyn Hnatiuk said...

If you haven't recieved my e-mail yet, between us we have found 26 reeling birds in the Llynfi Valley so far and we still have another six sites to check, previous record is 19 in 2008

Jeff said...

Hi Martyn
That's an incedible number of Groppers,I couldn't believe there were 4 different birds in the field behind the cemetery new car park but then again the habitat is perfect for them,I didn't have chance to check the "Hurling" field as the light was fading but there's probably at least an equal number there.

Wayne said...

6 Grasshopper Warblers, the highlight of BBS 1km square at Mynydd Penygraig this morning. 2 is the maximum recorded in previous years.

Appears to be a good year for this species.

Meriwether said...

Great shots Jeff.