Sunday, January 09, 2011

Staying local

Would have loved to have gone down to Dawlish today with Geri,Kevin and Mike Hogan but with other stuff to do in the afternoon I thought I'd stay local with a morning stroll down to the sewage works where during the winter a pair of Goosander can sometimes be found on the adjacent River Llynfi,a nice photographic challenge.
There were lots of woodland birds around and a scavenging tit flock of Blue,Great and Long Tailed carried nothing more interesting with them.
A couple of Ravens and Common Buzzards passed overhead but there were no Goosanders to be found today although four different very vocal Dippers and a couple of Grey Wagtails were nice to see.
As I walked back to the car I managed to get some shots of an unusually photogenic Treecreeper on the edge of the damp woodland adjacent the access track.
These birds can be devilishly difficult to photograph so I was pleased to get some reasonable images in quite good light.
I re-parked the car at the Tylers Arms and strolled up through Darren Woods in the hope of a possible LS Woodpecker,no such luck today but lots of other woodland birds including a nice Nuthatch pecking seven bells out of an acorn it had wedged in a groove in the branch of an Oak tree.


Sid said...

Great shots Jeff, i have yet to get any decent shots of these buggers!

Jeff said...

Cheers Paul,first one I've really caught up with,it was sticking around and did so even more when I played the call on my phone !!
(Cheatin' a bit I know but it did work