Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ogmore Estuary

After a bit of a lay-in this morning and with the main road down the valley just about passable in places after the heavy snow I headed out at mid-day down to Ogmore-By-Sea,I phoned Peter Morgan on the way down and met him at Broadlands in Bridgend where he was having a stroll around looking for Waxwings.
We soon arrived at a snowy Ogmore and the river was teeming with birds all trying to find some food in the harsh conditions.
Common Teal were plentiful and the usual group of Goldeneye were also around,plenty of gulls and a few waders including Ringed Plover,Dunlin,Lapwing (there were several hundred down river),Snipe and Redshank.There was also a female Goosander further down river,one of several that have been wintering for the past couple of months.

We moved on towards Southerndown parking at West Farm and walked across towards the car park in the hope of finding the topically named Snow Bunting that had recently been reported from there.

Plenty of Meadow Pipits,Skylarks,winter thrushes and in the distance over the fields a good size flock of Lapwings and another of Curlew with a lone Grey Heron passing through.

A fly through Peregrine was a fine sight but try as we did we couldn't locate the Snow Bunting.

With the light starting to fade I dropped Peter in Bridgend and got home in time to see the Ospreys put one over on Munster in their Heineken Cup pool match with an awesome scrummaging display !!


Wayne said...

Wot no snow! You're getting all artistic now, with your Ringed Plover reflection shot.

Jeff said...

One tries Wayne,one tries !!

Dan said...

That's one thing than can certainly be said about you Jeff is that your very 'trying'!

Jeff said...

At least if you are going to have a go please get the grammar correct - "your" ??!!

Dan said...

Saesneg is my second language innit. Indeed to goodness!