Monday, November 08, 2010

Heritage Coast

After a mad dash up and back to Llangors on Saturday morning before the rugby to "put the caravan to bed" for the winter I thought I'd have a look around the Ogmore/Southerndown area on a sunny Sunday morning before dashing home to watch the South Wales football derby.
First up was a quick visit to try and photograph the Purple Sandpipers which have recently returned to their usual haunt on the rocks opposite the car park at Ogmore-By-Sea where a group of nine mingled with Turnstones on the dropping tide.
Having got the Purple sands I then went to look for a Little Owl which frequents a derelict building that Dan had told me about,I'd visited there previously but without success,this time I got lucky.


Wayne said...

Nice images Randy! Waxwings and Hawfinches next?

Jeremy said...

Nice shots. Where is the derelict building with the Little Owls?

Dan said...

Bloody hell, one of my 'tip offs' coming good. That's a first.

Jeremy - is there any way I can get your contact details?