Saturday, May 08, 2010

Front Cover of the 2010 Bird Report?

Who needs fancy cameras? Look at this corker. Pin sharp.

What do you mean "it's a bit distant"? I can do close ups too . . . .

Top quality 'image'!

Top birds too and an absolutely top find (too many 'tops'?). Dead chuffed to get these so close to home and saved me a journey to Garreg Lwyd/Scotland with Gethin to get 'em on his life list (#235). He's an excellent 'scope caddy mind and makes climbing up to the tops (there I go again) much easier for his lazy Old Man.


Jeff said...

I just knew I'd get upstaged and there was me basking in the glory of a few (108 to be exact !!!) nice Dotterel pics (oops ! I mean images).

There's a few too many pics on this blog of young Geth as your 'scope bearing sherpa,an anonymous phone call to Childline will have to be made if this terrible behaviour continues !!

Good job they've closed the mines and mostly done away with coal fires or God knows what his fate would be,then again he's missing out on "ticking" Canary !!

Meriwether said...

I ticked the Twitchmeister last Sunday morning c07.15 around St. Margaret's road, Whitchurch whilst on my way home from the hospital. Up early for a Cardiff birder!
10/10 from CR.

Dan said...

I was still in bed!

The TM can regularly be seen around 7am every Saturday and Sunday morning on his way down to his Patch: Forest Farm/Glamorgan Canal + the scrubby bit on the Radyr side of the Taff. He's yearlisting the patch in 2010 - he's currently on 69 - and his day list record for this little area is a pretty respectable 52.

I could do without being woken up every Sat/Sun at 6.30am though!!!