Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Pizza the Action

To mark his entry into the (Birders in Boxers) UK200 Club the boys took the Twitchmeister out for a celebratory nosh up at the 3 Michelin Star McArthurGlen Pizza Hut. Garlic bread and erm, pizzas all round. The Boy Birder was also presented with a BiB UK200 Club Certificate which is now proudly hanging on his bedroom wall. A telegram received from a 'Mr L Evans from Bucks' rubbishing Gethin's list was ceremonially burned. We look forward to holding a similar event next year to celebrate the Twitchmeister's entry into the UK300 Club.


Jeff said...

A cracking evening but that has to be the corniest title for a blog since we started posting !!

Rob said...

Jeff is right,extremely cheesey!

Dan said...

Quattro formaggio in fact!