Thursday, September 25, 2008

Big Bird

While Tim saw Worcestershire scrape home against Glamorgan 2nds, I was at the Lane watching the Lilywhites keep the mighty Wigan Athletic to a 0-0 draw. And just to prove what a strong team we have, they are currently propping up the rest of the Premiership.

Now there aren't as many birds around N17 as there are around the Pontcanna Potato Patch, apart from few scrawny feral pigeons, but I did season tick this old bird.

Chirpy (Gallus tottenhamensis)

He’s not quite prehistoric, though he is flightless and has a distinctive song.

No trematodes around either!


Dan said...

Is it on LGRE's UK400 list? I bet you it's on Stringer Slocombe's new listing software.

Bloody hell boys, something's wrong here. Aren't we supposed to go birdin' every now and again? It's flippin' September and Sibes all over the place (not in Glamorgan adimittedly) and we're too busy to shoulder our 'scopes cos we're too busy working or watching the worst cricket and football clubs in the country. We've got to get our priorities right. I haven't been out since the jaunt to Coombe Hill Meadows. Roll on Portland.

Wayne said...

C'mon Dan, what do you mean we're not birding? Tim saw some cormorants and I saw a big chicken. You are right though, Worcestershire and Wigan are certainly the worst cricket and football clubs in the land!

Tim Hall said...

Actually Worcestershire CCC could probably beat Spurs at football at present!