Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good God! (or words to that effect)

I almost cracked a rib laughing when I opened the latest edition of Birdwatch magazine last night.

Turning to the 'Tools fo the Trade' page I was astounded (and let's be honest, delighted) to see a review by Chris Harbard of the 'Birders in Boxers' blog under the heading "Best of Birding Blogs"!

"This intriguingly titled blog reveals itself to be about the birding adventures of some Glamorgan birders who all contribute to the blog. Entries vary from short and sweet to quite long and detailed, covering birding trips, insect watching and lots more (steam locomotives and digiscoped planets included). Simply constructed and nicely illustrated with photographs, it makes for an entertaining and interesting read".

I always said that Birdwatch magazine was the best birding publication in the world.


Tim Hall said...

How bizarre!

Wayne said...

I always thought Birdwatch had a touch more class than Birdwatching.