Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rosie goes birding

We managed a short walk from on 28th June from Coed Llwyn-celyn, between Lisvane and Rudry. However, her birding skills didn't help us find anything of note, the highlight being a male Blackcap.


Wayne said...

Hope that means mother and daughter are home and well.

No wonder Rosie didn't see any birds. She's facing the wrong way!

Dan said...

Even so, she's probably got a bigger year list than me this year :-(

Jeff said...

Smashing photo-thought I'd never see the day....!!

That said she doesn't look all that comfy and how is she going to fine tune her ID skills when she's facing the wrong way-me thinks we're goin' to have to have a whip 'round for a pushchair(all terrain model of course)-I'll stump up the first tenner !!!