Friday, January 19, 2007

First visit to Darren Woods of 2007

Thought I'd stay local last Sunday 14th January after a bit of a hectic night out at my sister's birthday party so thought I'd phone Colin for a stroll"up the Darren" only to find a missed call on my phone from Colin who'd already gone up there !! A fine morning after all the recent rain and quite a few birds about although nothing too exciting,Blue,Great and Coal Tits around in the oaks and a party of 8 Long Tailed Tits passed through with 2 Goldcests in tow,a raven and a Common Buzzard passed overhead and a Jay and Green Woodpecker could be heard calling further along the track. Good views of 4 Nuthatches and 3 Treecreepers were both year ticks and a small group of 3 Redwings coming through the trees high up as I was leaving was nice. I didn't catch up with Colin as mobile phone reception in the wood is non-existant but on comparing notes later we both seen the same birds although Colin had also seen a pair of GS Woodpeckers,the ever elusive LS Woodpecker had eluded us both again,one day!!!

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