Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Snow joke at Witches Point

On a glorious, but cold, Wednesday morning I decided to look for the Snow Bunting that had been reported from Witches Point, Dunraven. After wandering along the path for a while, I was beginning to think that the clear skies had encouraged the bird to move on. Suddenly it landed about 40 feet from me in full sunshine, and promptly scuttled into the grass. After a few minutes I had cracking scope views of it, before it suddenly flew out to sea, calling, and was lost to view. I was driving away shortly afterwards, when Dan texted me about a Whooper Swan at the Watermill, which was still there when I arrived. Soon we had to head off, Dan for parental duties, and I had a driving lesson to give. This evening, whilst browsing the net, I discovered that there is a comet in the constellation of Hercules. I popped outside and found it with my bins. What is it called? Comet Swan.......

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