Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Dead Zone

An intriguing couple of entries on Gwent Ornothological Society led me to Minniet Woods near Rogiet, to look for Hawfinches in Cherry trees, bizarre, but in the "Dead Zone" of a South Wales summer, it was worth a try.

I found a brace of Bowdens onsite, and Paul confirmed that there were Bignoses around, but not showing well. Sure enough, shadowy plump shapes were glimpsed, and a brief flight view obtained.

However, Spotted Flycatchers were performing well in the treetops, and this one paused long enough to have a few poor photos taken.

A couple of Wood Sandpipers and half a dozen Greenshanks at Goldcliff on the way back were encouraging, though the very low water levels there are a worry at present.

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