Monday, August 01, 2005


BirdGuides announced the death of the Bee-eater chicks on Saturday, so it was with some pessimism that Jeff, Kevin and I made the trip to Herefordshire on Sunday morning. Sure enough, on arrival we were greeted with the news that the adults had not been seen at all that morning. We hung around with the crowds for a couple of hours, but there was little to brighten up a dull morning, save a juvenile male Redstart, Yellowhammer, a passing Little Egret and a distant Buzzard. Bogbumper had a little more success.

We headed off to Slimbridge in the hope of a Wood Sandpiper and Little Stint. Neither of these were around, but we enjoyed Ruff in a variety of plumage patterns, along with numerous Green Sandpipers, Black-tailed Godwits in various stages of moult, Common Terns with young, Spotted Redshanks and a few other commoner species.

We returned across the Severn, stopping off at a wet Goldcliff in the hope of that elusive Wood Sandpiper. It was quiet here too, and even the Avocets were missing. Plenty of Little Egrets and eclipse Shelducks were around though, along with a small party of Dunlins, a Ruff, a Greenshank and a couple of juvenile Yellow Wagtails.

So this was not the best days birding we've had, but its nice to get out, and we watched some nice birds after all, including a couple of year ticks.

The day concluded however, with news from BirdGuides (once we were home, of course) that the Bee-eaters had returned late afternoon. As I write, they are there once more. A midweek trip to Hereford is on the cards.

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